The International COVID-19 Switchboard

If you had the medicine that would save your neighbor’s life, would you keep it to yourself?
The following video explains…

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There is nothing for sale here
and you will not be asked for a donation.

–>>If you have recovered from COVID-19 (coronavirus) and want to make yourself available to donate your plasma as a way to save another person’s life, then register here (click)<–

–>>If you are a physician or nurse practitioner who wants to learn more about how to take care of your patients with COVID-19 and to have access to the names of people near you who have recovered from COVID-19, then apply here. We will check credentials, please allow 24 hours for approval. (click)<–

We simply want to provide a switchboard for two purposes…
1. So that those who are sick from COVID-19 (or worried about becoming sick) can connect to ways to become well or stay well, and
2. So that those who are treating people with COVID-19 can find resources to help with treatment

Here’s some of what you’ll find here…

    • See a collection of recent research here<-
    • Providers and researchers can post information to help those who suffer or those who worry about becoming COVID-19 positive.
    • Those who have recovered from COVID-19 can identify themselves so that doctors who live near can access your plasma to try to help your neighbor survive. Donor information is only visible to providers who register and are approved.

  • Those who know they are COVID-19 positive can find resources to try and prevent becoming critically ill.  If you are positive, you want to be in the 86% who remain able to breathe easily!
  • Doctors can examine protocols (after registering here) for administering plasma or other therapies.
  • Doctors have a private forum to exchange information (register here).
  • Anyone can participate in an open question and answer forum about how to use plasma and other therapies to find healing from COVID-19.
  • Those who have scarce resources available for providers can identify themselves.

We, the Cellular Medicine Association, built this website to help those sick with COVID-19 and to help those who are treating the sick–to decrease fear and suffering and to increase survival.

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